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SPRING: Six Key Actions to Reduce Anemia


Anemia is a widespread public health problem that few countries have been able to reduce in compliance with World Health Assembly goals. Anemia is characterized by a low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood and results in poor health and decreased economic development. For expectant mothers, serious maternal anemia increases the risk of mortality and morbidity. For children, it can mean low birth weight, prematurity, and impaired physical and cognitive development. However, there is hope—anemia prevention and control saves lives and improves long-term quality of life (Rahman et al. 2016; Lozoff et al. 2007; Global Burden of Disease Pediatrics Collaboration 2013).

This brief describes country-led efforts to coordinate and implement anemia prevention and control, offering lessons learned to help other countries design the best possible solutions. JSI/SPRING Project. 2017.

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