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Sokoto State Improves Health Data for Decision Making


Health information systems (HIS) allow policy makers, health practitioners, and community members to use collected, processed, analyzed, and transmitted data to optimally manage and operate services to achieve greater health outcomes.

The Nigeria Targeted States High-Impact Project (TSHIP) supported the Sokoto State government by assessing its HIS system. Finding there was an insufficient number of dedicated staff for HIS and that information technology literacy among existing staff was quite low, complementing the state government’s efforts to improve data for decision making, USAID|TSHIP trained all 23 of the HIS officers in Sokoto State and others in the data quality assessment (DQA) method. To promote data use, USAID invested in project states to enhance the capacity of community-based systems to interpret and utilize data for decisionbmaking. The project also facilitated trainings in data entry, data review and assessment, and GIS. Project states are now better equipped to monitor their own health outcomes through surveys and improved data governance. JSI/TSHIP, 2015.

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