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Social and Behavior Change Do’s and Don’ts: Getting It Right for Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Programming


Social and behavior change (SBC) interventions can help multi-sectoral nutrition programs succeed when the SBC is implemented at a high level of quality from the beginning of the program cycle to the end. Effective SBC strategies are built from evidence that is gathered and discussed with a range of partners. This evidence—including data from secondary sources, formative research, and programming experiences—grounds a detailed SBC strategy and plan of action.

High-quality SBC also relies on well-trained teams who understand the strategy and how to make it work in local settings. This resource is designed for SBC practitioners and teams to help prepare SBC implementation plans, regularly check on implementation, and identify areas to adjust as needed to improve quality at every stage of multi-sectoral nutrition SBC. It highlights 1) what to do (elements that lead to high-quality multi-sectoral nutrition SBC), and 2) what not to do (problems to avoid). JSI/Advancing Nutrition Project. 2020.

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