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Routine Immunization Sessions Job Aid (poster)


Effective immunization programs rely on strong health worker capacity. JSI’s Universal Immunization through Improving Family Health Services (UI-FHS) project in Ethiopia uses a multi-faceted approach to build health worker capacity which includes classroom training and on the job training through supportive supervision and peer to peer learning.

To reinforce good practices and help overcome challenges like high staff turnover, UI-FHS developed a series of job aids to help health workers manage some key functions of the routine immunization system. UI-FHS worked with a communications expert and graphics design team to systematically pre-test and then revise five job aids based on the feedback of the intended users; pre-tests were conducted with district (woreda) health office, health center and health post staff in two regions in Ethiopia. Through two rounds of pre-tests with health workers, the team designed practical, user-friendly, and appropriate for context job aids which can be used at the woreda or health facility level.

This job aid is aimed to help the health worker effectively plan immunization sessions. It is available in English and Amharic. JSI, 2018.

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