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Routine Health Information System (RHIS) Rapid Assessment Tool: Analysis and Dashboards Module

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This Analysis and Dashboards Module is one of two Microsoft Excel workbooks that comprise the Routine Health Information System (RHIS) Rapid Assessment Tool. The tool was designed to identify gaps in the RHIS during the health-sector planning process, so that deficiencies can be addressed during strategic planning.

The Analysis and Dashboards Module contains the responses for each level of the health system involved in the assessment and the cumulative results across all levels. There are standard-specific results—that is, the percentage of respondents selecting a particular response—and dashboards that display results grouped by domain and subdomain.

Results, comments, and priority actions are cut and pasted from the Data Entry Module per completed workbook to see the results in the Analysis and Dashboards Module. JSI/MEASURE Evaluation. 2018.

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