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Recommendations from Mapping Global Leadership in Child Health


This study looks at both the evolution of child health as a global health issue since the year 2000 and its network of stakeholders and leaders. The study included reviews of published literature and other reports, as well as over 30 in-depth interviews from child health experts and stakeholders. From these results, the study also explored how leadership might be strengthened and child health repositioned by the community to attain better outcomes in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) era.

Effective strategizing for the advancement of child health over the next several years is at a critical juncture. Improved child health remains an important aspiration at the global level, but it does not currently hold a position of prominence nor can it count on sufficient commitment to meaningfully advance or transform the agenda to reach the SDG vision for 2030. This period is a turning point as it presents an opportunity to re-evaluate the progress to date and provides a good opportunity for child health advocates to make changes that enhance progress. JSI/MCSOP. 2016.

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