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Recommendations for Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs

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The Family Health Services (FHS) Home Visiting program in the County of San Mateo Health System is committed to implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) to advance its mission of “reaching families as early as possible to achieve their goals of improved health and brighter futures.” In June 2017, FHS engaged JSI to review the landscape and recommend practices and an accompanying training plan to support the incorporation of EBPs system-wide to improve client outcomes and maximize impact.  

To achieve this task, JSI and its subcontractor Zero to Three (ZTT) conducted two core activities. Between July and September 2017, we conducted a program assessment of FHS’s HV programs to examine staff perspectives on program goals, training and supervision models, client characteristics, service delivery and workflows, and use of best practices. Concurrently, we conducted a review of the evidence, including published and gray literature to identify EBPs that were most relevant to FHS’s priority outcomes and populations. In this report, we summarize findings from the evidence review and additionally provide a set of recommendations for EBPs focused on the perinatal, early childhood, and pediatric time periods. JSI. 2018.

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