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Reasons for Missed Opportunities for Vaccinations (MOV) in Health Facilities in Cite Soleil


The Ministry of Public Health and Population Haiti, through the National Coordination Unit of the Vaccination Program, established a partnership with JSIwith finding from Gavi, the vaccine alliance, in order to strengthen the routine immunization system in Cité Soleil. The objective of this technical assistance partnership is to increase access to and vaccination services in Cité Soleil, with the ultimate goal of reduction in the morbidity and mortality linked to vaccine-preventable diseases, and an improvement in the health of children 0-5 years old. As part of this technical assistance, an assessment of Missed Opportunity Vaccinations was conducted in Cité Soleil in August 2019 to identify those opportunities, the extent of missed vaccinations among eligible children that came in contact with the health system, and reasons behind it.

The research protocol on Missed Opportunity for Vaccination developed by the Pan-American Health Organization/WHO was adapted for this study. Seventy-two children were between 0-23 months were assessed and 59 service providers were interviewed. This document, developed by JSI in 2020, presents the results and recommendations from this MOV study.

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