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Reaching Every District using Quality Improvement: Lessons Learned about Implementation and Scalability in Ethiopia and Uganda


Although the Reaching Every District (RED) strategy for immunization has been in place for nearly two decades, many districts and health facilities face challenges in implementing its components. The Reaching Every District using Quality Improvement (RED-QI) approach combines the full RED strategy and quality improvement tools and processes, and advances RED from a “what to do” strategy to a “how to” approach for strengthening the routine immunization system.

This report documents the implementation and scale-up of the RED-QI approach in Ethiopia and Uganda. The report documents the steps in moving from pilot projects to scale; identifies RED-QI tools and practices that worked well and were “scalable” and sustainable; and examines the context and conditions that affected implementation and scale-up of the RED-QI components. The lessons learned from our experiences will inform how the approach can be tailored to strengthen routine immunization in other countries.

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