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Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment in Uganda: Report on Qualitative Findings


This report describes the findings of a qualitative study on tuberculosis (TB)-related stigma among community members from two regions in Uganda. This research is part of a broader Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment (QTSA) conducted in Uganda in 2019 that also includes findings on TB-related stigma from the perspectives of healthcare workers and TB patients. The QTSA was conducted by MEASURE Evaluation, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with the Uganda National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP), and implemented by the Makerere Lung Institute—a local research organization at Makerere University’s College of Health Sciences that was contracted by MEASURE Evaluation.

Details of the Uganda QTSA are presented in a separate report available at the following link: www.measureevaluation.org/resources/publications/tr-20-398/ 

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