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Programmatic assessment of electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN)


eVIN is a technology system that digitizes vaccine stocks through a smartphone application and builds the capacity of program managers and cold chain handlers to integrate technology in their regular work. To effectively manage the vaccine logistics, in 2015, this technology was rolled-out in 12 states of India. This study assessed the programmatic usefulness of eVIN implementation in the areas of vaccine utilization, vaccine stock and distribution management, and documentation across selected cold chain points. 

Authors: Vandana Gurnani, Prem Singh, Pradeep Haldar, Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, Kiran Agrahari, Satabdi Kashyap, Shreeparna Ghosh, Mrinal Kar Mohapatra, Ruma Bhargava, Partha Nandi, Pritu Dhalaria

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