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Poster: Digital Transformation of the Family Planning Supply Chain in Indonesia

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This poster describes the digital transformation of the family planning supply chain in Indonesia. It includes a description of program implementation and findings from the end-of-project evaluation of the impact of supply chain digital interventions on family planning supply chain performance. 

The My Choice project has made a significant contribution to support supply chain (SC) system strengthening for the family planning (FP) program in Indonesia. The success of the FP program is largely dependent on the performance of its supply chain as it supports Indonesia’s large network of 34 provinces, 530 districts, and over 17,000 FP service delivery points. From 2015 -2021, JSI led the implementation of the supply chain component of the My Choice project collaborating with Indonesia’s National Family Planning and Population Board (BKKBN) and local government stakeholders. The project designed and adopted a comprehensive systems-based approach with an aim to strengthen the SC workforce at each level, empowering them with new tools, skills, and information to enable holistic and continuous supply chain improvement. Beginning in 2018, the project led the digital transformation of the FP supply chain with an aim to make it more efficient, resilient, and responsive. The project conceptualized, developed, and rolled out a suite of applications that digitizes SC operations at each level of the chain. These applications are currently being used by most provinces and districts and a few health clinics across the country.

The digital transformation of the FP supply chain has had a significant impact on SC operations, shifting from a rigid paper-based system to a dynamic digital ecosystem that provides end-to-end visibility and transparency. Most users said that using the applications has benefited them, made their job easier, and has reduced their workload, allowing them to spend more time on other tasks. The distribution process has become simplified as the application automates the calculation and generates the distribution plans. It also allows users to easily schedule and track distributions making the process more efficient. Digitization has greatly enhanced data visibility and users appreciate the real-time visibility to track supply chain performance from anywhere. Overall the implementation of the digital applications has improved SC operational performance resulting in improved product availability at all levels of the supply chain.

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