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Pneumococcal carriage and serotype distribution among children with and without pneumonia in Mozambique, 2014-2016


Pneumococcal colonization is a precursor to pneumonia, and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV) can decrease vaccine-type (VT) colonization. Pneumococcal colonization studies are traditionally done among healthy children in the community; however, VT colonization prevalence may differ between these children and those with pneumonia. The authors assessed overall and VT pneumococcal colonization and factors associated with colonization among children with and without pneumonia after Mozambique introduced 10-valent PCV (PCV10) in 2013.

Vaccine-type pneumococcal colonization remains common among children with and without pneumonia post-PCV10 introduction in Mozambique. In a population of children with high antibiotic exposure, the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for culture-negative NP swabs can improve assessment of pneumococcal colonization and circulating serotypes.

Authors: Tolulope Adebanjo, Fernanda C. Lessa, Helio Mucavele, Benild Moiane, Alberto Chauque, Fabiana Pimenta, Sergio Massora, Maria da Gloria Carvalho, Cynthia G. Whitney, Betuel Sigauque, 2018

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