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Perceived Knowledge of HIV-Negative Status Increases Condom Use Among Female Sex Workers in Zambian Transit Towns

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Knowledge of HIV status is a necessary pre-condition for most HIV interventions, including treatment as well as biomedical and behavioral prevention interventions. We used data from a female sex worker (FSW) cohort in three Zambian transit towns to understand the effect that knowledge of HIV status has on FSWs' HIV risk-related sexual behaviors with clients. The cohort was formed from an HIV self-testing trial that followed participants for 4 months. Participants completed three rounds of data collection at baseline, 1 month, and 4 months where they reported their perceived knowledge of HIV status, number of clients on an average working night, and consistent condom use with clients. We measured the effect of knowledge of HIV status on participants' sexual behaviors by using linear regression models with individual fixed effects.

Authors: Katrina F. Ortblad, Michael M. Chanda, Magdalene Mwale, Jessica E. Haberer, Margaret McConnell, Catherine E. Oldenburg, and Till Bärnighausen

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