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Patient Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services between Insured and Non-insured patients under Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Facility Based Study in North East Ethiopia

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Universal Health Coverage is a situation where all people can access the health services they need without incurring financial hardship. The aim of the study was to compare the overall satisfaction with primary health care among insured and non-insured outpatient service beneficiaries in five Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) contracted health centers in North-Eastern Ethiopia.

Authors:  Abera AF, Desale AY, Argaw MD, Desta BF, Tsegaye ZT, Mavundla TR, Birhanu N, Yasin T, Muktar SA, Abera WS, Frew AH, Mitiku AD, Biru TA, Haile TT, Assefa LN, Badacho BS, Ayele AA and Yesuf S

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