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Pakistan’s Health and Population Think Tank: a policy platform for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 national targets

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In Pakistan, the Health and Population Think Tank was launched as an initiative to conduct programs and policy analysis, as well as give an insight into the possible future policy options on various national health issues relevant to all the provinces. This forum has also served as a platform to discuss how provincial strategies could be aligned with the National Health Vision 2016–2025, which was developed with the consensus of all provinces and development partners. The main topics chosen for the round tables included local production of vaccines; social health protection; quality of care at the time of birth; human resources for health; and the challenge of tuberculosis in Pakistan. Policy briefs produced by the think tank will maximize the absorption of knowledge and will help implement the actionable items needed to speed up the progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) national targets.

Authors: Babar Tasneem Shaikh, Assad Hafeez, Nabeela Ali

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