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Overcoming barriers to integrating oxytocin into the immunization cold chain at health facilities: practical guidance for policymakers

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Integrating cold chain pharmaceutical products into the immunization supply chain has been a topic of interest for several years, based on potential efficiencies from using the same cold storage and distribution system and the availability of a growing number of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The integration of oxytocin into the cold chain has been noted as one product that could deliver notable public health benefits. Although endorsed by global bodies such as WHO and UNICEF, the integration of oxytocin into the vaccine cold chain at the health facility level has not been taken up systematically.

This brief provides guidance to national level immunization and maternal health decision-makers to help address the low-hanging fruit of including oxytocin in the CCE at the facility level, provides evidence to address perceived barriers to integration, and highlights key considerations for successfully integrating oxytocin. JSI. 2020. 

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