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Outcomes of the Expanded Programme on Immunization Pre-Service Training Initiatives in Kenya: A Mixed Methods Study

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The Maternal and Child Survival Program of the United States Agency for International Development conducted a study in 2017 to assess the outcome of an initiative to strengthen the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) pre-service training. The pre-service training initiative was undertaken by the Ministry of Health (MOH) with support from partners in 2012-2016. The overall objective of the study was to assess the adoption and effectiveness of the initiative in the competency (knowledge, skills, and attitude) of graduate nurses. The study included a conveniently selected sample of 14 pre-service training institutions, 23 field practicum sites, and 29 health facilities in western Kenya, and used quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection.

Authors: Iqbal Hossain, Evans Mokaya; Isaac Mugoya, Folake Olayinka, Lora Shimp

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