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Manuel des procédures de gestion de l’information sanitaire One-Health au Burkina Faso


This French-language standard operating procedures (SOP) manual is the main reference document for the One-Health health information system (OH-HIS) of Burkina Faso. It formalizes the main procedures for managing One-Health data. This SOP is aimed at central directorates within the three Burkina Faso ministries involved in the One-Health work (namely the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, and the Ministry of the Environment), at coordinators of human and zoonotic diseases surveillance programs, as well as to implementing partners. This manual describes the OH-SIS, its data collection purpose, its structure, its information flow, and its data cycle. It also provides information on the frequency at which reports should be developed at each level of the health system. For each of these levels, from the central to the community level, this manual also identifies the resources necessary to collect data and designate staff as responsible for these data, and provides instructions so as to recognize which health data need to be collected and reported, when, and how.

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