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Makassar Workshop Report: Training of Call Center 112 Call Takers


In Makassar, Indonesia, the USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project works to support the city’s long-term goal of being a world class city that is healthy and resilient for all. In support of this goal, BHC encouraged increased access to digital technology that enables citizens to engage with the city government to solve problems in urban neighborhoods. Makassar has multiple citizen reporting systems including Call Center 112. In 2020, BHC conducted an assessment of Call Center 112 that identified areas for improvement, and made recommendations to the city on how to address those issues and improve the uptake and continued use of the system. BHC worked with Kominfo to address the first recommendation – ongoing training for Call Center 112 call takers and Kominfo officers – by holding a workshop for call takers on November 8, 2021. The training was held online to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. This report summarizes the workshop content and outcomes.

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