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Makassar Workshop Report: Project Closeout Smart and Healthy City Conference


In Makassar, Indonesia, the USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project worked with Bappeda (Planning Agency), Kominfo (Communication and Information Technology Department), and other key stakeholders to support the city’s long-term goal of being a world class city that is healthy and resilient for all.

BHC worked in partnership with Smart City initiatives and urban health coordination structures to define and implement actions to achieve this goal via health, infrastructure, and information and communication technology projects; enhance interoperability of data systems; and increase efficiency of multisector urban spending.

BHC activities in Makassar began in 2017 and ended in May 2022. To celebrate the successful end of activities and highlight best practices, BHC collaborated with Bappeda to hold a project closeout event titled “Smart and Healthy City Conference: To Build a Healthy and Livable World-Class City” on May 18-19, 2022.This report summarizes that event.

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