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Makassar Data Brief: Puskesmas Data Integration Assessment


The USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project and the University of Oslo Health Information Systems Program worked closely with key city government bodies (Bappeda, Kominfo, and the Health Department) in Makassar, Indonesia to develop Sehattami, a multisectoral data integration system. Data from multiple city departments/sectors are reported into the system, including indicators from primary health centers (puskesmas). At the request of the Health Department, BHC and HISP also delivered multiple trainings for implementation and use of Sehattami for officers at all 47 puskesmas in Makassar. This was followed by a rapid monitoring assessment in March 2022 to evaluate puskesmas staff use of Sehattami, identify gaps, and recommend solutions. This brief provides the results of that rapid assessment. 

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