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Makassar Community-Based Waste and Water Management Study: Executive Summary


The USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project partnered with Makassar Smart City, Bappeda, and the Mayor’s Office to improve healthy urban planning in Makassar, Indonesia from 2018-2022. As part of this relationship, BHC completed a participatory study to map waste and water management in one flood-prone neighborhood, Maccini Sombala village. The goal was to understand household behaviors and gaps in the community waste management service system, place these issues within the larger community ecosystem to better understand how these behaviors influence wastewater and human (including maternal and child) health, and then document acceptable solutions. 

This study was completed in partnership with Lembaga Studi Kebijakan Publik (Institute for Public Policy Studies, LSKP) and has empowered the community to report their needs related to waste and water management and create data for decision-making related to these issues. This executive summary shares highlights from the study. Read the full report for more details. 

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