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MAHEFA’s Behavior Change Empowerment: A new model for community centered change


Health communication professionals have long struggled to find ways to help people adopt and sustain critical health and hygiene-related behaviors. Early on, information, education, and communication (IEC) efforts often failed to motivate significant uptake of improved practices because they concentrated on informing people of why a new behavior would benefit them instead of addressing what determined their ability to practice the desired behavior.

More recent behavior change communications (BCC) approaches have taken into account the social environment in which behavior shifts occur and have more effectively used multiple communication channels to reach people. The success of these interventions has mostly been short-term because they haven’t often built the capacity of those who are closest to the community (local health workers and leaders) to sustain the continuous process of improving the practice of healthier behaviors by families. JSI / USAID | CBIHP PROJECT, 2016.

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