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LGBTQ Youth and Substance Use Prevention Report

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JSI conducted a needs assessment on the impact of substance use within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) student community (ages 12-17) in five Rhode Island (RI) cities and towns that make up the catchment area for the Region 1 Southern Providence County Youth Substance Use Prevention Coalition. JSI conducted the study and developed this report under contract to the Tri-County Community Action Agency with funding provided by the RI Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH).

The first study of this type in RI, this report presents the compelling results.

LGBTQ youth substance use rates are twice as high as their heterosexual and gender-conforming peers and to date, the needs of this small and hidden subgroup of youth have gone largely unattended. To address this problem, the report details a comprehensive set of recommendations addressing provider training and education, prevention communication strategies, the development of supportive and safe spaces, and protective policies that can help to abate LGBTQ youth substance use. These actionable recommendations are considered transferable solutions warranting national attention. JSI, 2020.

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