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Involving Persons Living with HIV Networks in National HIV Policy Dialogue: A Case Study of MANET+ in Malawi


MANET+, the national coordinating body for community-based support groups in Malawi, was founded in 1997 by a group of PLHIV who recognized the need to organize their activities to achieve greater impact on national HIV policies.

This case study analyzes the engagement of CSOs in PMTCT policy and planning and clarifies how to increase their involvement and impact. It describes Malawi’s enabling environment for CSO engagement in PMTCT policy; advocacy, approaches that MANET+ uses to engage with decisionmakers; strategies for strengthening its policy and advocacy activities; and challenges to creating change. It concludes with recommendations on how MANET+ could build on current successes. These recommendations may also be useful for other CSOs looking to increase the effectiveness of their policy and planning activities. JSI/AIDSFree. 2016.

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