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Introducing rotavirus vaccine in the Universal Immunization Programme in India: From evidence to policy to implementation

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The process of rotavirus vaccine introduction in India started with the establishment of the National Rotavirus Surveillance Network in 2005 which generated relevant evidence to inform policy-level decisions to introduce the vaccine. The preparatory activities started with an assessment of health systems and closing any gaps. This was followed by the development of vaccine-specific training packages and cascade training for program managers and health workers. The introduction was complemented with strong communications systems and media involvement to allow for good acceptability of the vaccine on the ground. Each step of introduction was led by the government and technically supported by development partners. This journal article details how the rotavirus vaccine introduction in India is an excellent example of how government stewardship with well-defined roles for development partners can allow a new vaccine introduction to be used as a system strengthening activity.

Authors: Akash Malik, Pradeep Haldar, Arindam Ray, Anita Shet, Bhrigu Kapuria, Sheenu Bhadana, Mathuram Santosham, Raj Shankar Ghosh, Robert Steinglass, Rakesh Kumar

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