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Intensive Outpatient Case Management Program ROI Analysis: Phase II Outcomes Evaluation of Program with Additional Analyses

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Innovative approaches to health care delivery are more important than ever in today’s health care landscape of rising costs, fragmented health care delivery and overuse and/or misuse of health care. Since 2012, Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC), a non-profit community-based organization providing Medi-Cal coverage, has invested in one such effort. PHC’s Intensive Outpatient Case Management Program (IOPCM) aims to improve care coordination and management, patient experience, and quality, while reducing the total cost of care for selected high-risk members.

JSI conducted an outcomes evaluation of PHC's IOPCM. In Phase II, JSI used a propensity score matching followed by a difference-in-difference analysis as the evaluation design. This report presents a summary of key findings from JSI’s outcomes evaluation analysis of PHC's IOPCM program. As payers, plans, and other risk-bearing entities invest in case management and care coordination programs for Medicaid patients, they may benefit from the lessons learned from PHC’s IOPCM evaluation. Medicaid health plans and health centers interested in working together to implement value-based care and payment may benefit from incorporating evaluation as they design and test new approaches.

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