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Innovative Mobile Apps for Malaria Information Access and Use at Health Facilities to Monitor Service Delivery and Commodity Management Performance in PMI-MEASURE Malaria Supported Districts in Cote d’Ivoire

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Despite country stakeholder support to the Cote d’Ivoire Ministry of Health for strengthening health information, the conditions that prevent access to malaria and other health program data at the health facility level remain a challenge—partly because those who collect data do not always have access to the appropriate technology and communicative tools to use it. Health facilities often report their data to districts and do not have the capacity nor mechanisms to review and use their own data for decision-making. This lack of access can be explained by:

• Limited computers and tablets to store and manage data

• Lack of access to landline internet

• Lack of digital data applications (apps)

Expanding access to key malaria indicators at the health facility level in Cote d’Ivoire will advance the use of information to better understand how services and commodities are delivered and managed and to develop improvement and strengthening plans. The availability of mobile internet networks, electricity, and smartphones provide the project an opportunity to use the District Health Information Software, version 2 (DHIS2) malaria module to select key indicators of surveillance and service delivery at the health facility level to design malaria mobile-friendly dashboard and scorecard apps. The dashboard displays trends of the selected indicators while the scorecard helps monitor health facility performance. The DHIS2-based mobile apps are supported on Android devices and data are accessible both online and offline.

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