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Increased suppression and retention rates among clients enrolled on the 6 months Multi-Month Scripting and Dispensation (MMSD) Differentiated Service Delivery Model (DSD): Experiences from Central Province, Zambia


To improve health outcomes among ART clients, the USAID-funded Supporting an AIDS Free Era (USAID SAFE) supports the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Copperbelt, Central, and Northwestern provinces in Zambia to implement differentiated service delivery (DSD) models, including multi-month scripting and dispensation (MMSD).

These models aim to improve viral load (VL) suppression and retention rates among ART clients. John Snow Inc., through USAID SAFE, examined the impact of six-month dispensation on drug efficacy and client adherence.This poster was presented at the AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference. 

Authors: M. Simwenda, W. Kanjipite, M. Chanda, B. Ndango, D. Dixon, C. Madevu-Matson, M. Osborne-Smith, 2020

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