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Improving the Quality and Use of Routine Immunization Data: Experiences from the Stronger Systems for Routine Immunization Project in Uganda


In Uganda, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., has worked since 2012 to both improve the quality of immunization data, starting at the health facility level where it is generated, and to increase health workers’ ability to use that data for making practical, actionable decisions. JSI provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health/Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunisation (MOH/UNEPI) and health teams in 27 districts to strengthen routine immunization (RI) systems.

The work described in this brief focuses on the Stronger Systems for Routine Immunization (SS4RI) project, which operated in 10 districts and supported 246 health facilities. The project's goal was to strengthen the routine immunization system so that it is capable of protecting all children from vaccine preventable diseases.

JSI’s practical, innovative, bottom-up approach to data-quality improvement helped reduce discrepancies and inaccuracies, and increased health worker understanding of the importance of data in their roles. The gains achieved were made with minimal investments so that they could be implemented almost immediately. JSI. 2019.

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