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Improving Immunization in Zimbabwe Through Increased Community Ownership


In 2017, to increase community ownership for immunization, JSI supported the Zimbabwe Expanded Programme on Immunization (ZEPI) in piloting two community-based approaches—the My Village My Home (MVMH) immunization tracking tool and strengthening of HBR in two priority districts in Manicaland Province. These low-cost approaches engage village health workers (VHWs) and traditional Village Heads in increasing community involvement to ensure full immunization. The pilot showed promising improvements in immunization uptake and reinforced the links between the communities and facilities in rural areas. With support from Gavi, in 2018, JSI and ZEPI expanded implementation to 16 priority districts. This brief describes the adaptation and expansion of these two community-based approaches; summarizes the findings; and offers lessons learned to support further rolling out the strategy. This brief was developed in January 2020.

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