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Improving Health Supply Chains in Zambia: How Zambia Successfully Developed the eLMIS to Improve Health Outcomes


Zambia's electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) is a nationwide health supply chain management system. It serves different health programs and incorporates all levels of the public health sector supply chain, from the Logistics Management Unit at Medical Stores Limited (MSL), Zambia's central medical warehouse, to each of the country's more than 2,000 pharmacy stores and health facilities. With eLMIS, district and provincial supervisors who approve commodity orders can access real-time information on consumption usage and stock availability, which enables them to make informed decisions about the supply quantities they need for their patients. This resource, developed by JSI's USAID DELIVER Project details our approaches to developing the eLMIS and how the eLMIS can improve the country's health system.

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