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Immunization Incentive System for ASHA workers: A suggested framework for standard operating procedures to streamline process of incentivizing ASHA for immunization services

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ASHA workers support India’s Universal Immunization Programme by mobilizing beneficiaries and generating awareness among the community. ASHA workers strive to get all pregnant women and children under five years of age immunized with vaccines as per the national immunization schedule. In return they get fixed performance-based incentives for the services they offer. After more than 10 years of inception of the ASHA programme, this cadre of voluntary front-line functionary has become an inherent part of the Indian government health system.

Evaluation surveys have shown a gradual improvement in the proportion of fully immunized children. This document outlines the suggested operating procedures with an operational framework, and specific steps that need to be followed for streamlining the ASHA incentivization process for the immunization programme. A detailed report on the findings of a field-level review has been submitted separately. JSI India, 2017.

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