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Home Visiting Teams Help Young Kenyan Mothers and Babies Stay Healthy


Mothers and families of adolescent girls in Kenya often hold this negative attitude towards their pregnant daughters, which is compounded by concerns and stigma related to HIV. This attitude is a widespread problem, as adolescent girls and young women are disproportionately affected by HIV—over half of new infections in Kenya are among adolescents and young people. These beliefs can negatively impact HIV-positive pregnant and postpartum adolescents, who are a particularly vulnerable group that need increased attention and support so they and their babies are healthy. 

This case study details JSI's work through AIDSFree JUA Program to provide much-needed support for pregnant adolescents, young mothers, and their children (up to age 2) to improve their HIV and other health and social outcomes. JSI/AIDSFree. 2019.

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