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Healthy Families Thrive Why Community Health Matters in the Journey to Self-Reliance – Advancing Partners & Communities Final Report


This final report highlights the work and accomplishments of the Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) project, worked in more than 40 countries to improve the overall health of communities, with an emphasis on voluntary family planning. 

Between 2012 and 2019, APC focused on voluntary family planning as well as community-based services, HIV and AIDS, post-Ebola recovery, and vulnerable populations, which include children in adversity, people with disabilities, and victims of war. 

In 22 countries, APC strengthened voluntary family planning by training health workers, building local NGO capacity, advocating for policy change, and introducing new methods. The project provided contraception to women and men equal to almost 839,000 couple-years of protection, and reached more than 276,000 new family planning users. 

APC reached over 2.7 million people with information about a wide range of family planning methods including injectables, fertility awareness, oral contraceptives, condoms, and intrauterine devices. To help ensure that clients were fully informed about all methods, APC trained more than 17,000 health workers and CHWs to deliver high-quality counseling on contraceptives and family planning. The project was implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) in collaboration with FHI 360.

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