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Harnessing influence: Accelerating COVID-19 vaccination in Zambia through engagement and involvement of local leaders


Following global trends, Zambia anticipated a fourth COVID-19 wave in December 2021. As of November 2021, only 12.5% of the eligible population were fully vaccinated, and 4.6% had received their first dose. To get more people vaccinated and help protect against severe forms of COVID-19 and the associated mortality, the Ministry of Health (MOH) launched the campaign; "Get Vaccinated. Fight COVID-19. Protect Zambia: Two Million Doses in Arms By End of December 2021."

The USAID DISCOVER-Health Project, implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), supported the MOH campaign in December by holding a community mobilization strategy meeting with local civic, traditional, and religious leadership. This abstract was shared at the AIDS 2022 Conference.

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