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From theory to application: using performance measures for contraceptive care in the Title X family planning program


The objective was to describe a Performance Measure Learning Collaborative (PMLC) designed to help Title X family planning grantees use new clinical performance measures for contraceptive care. Twelve Title X grantee-service site teams participated in an 8-month PMLC from November 2015 to June 2016; baseline was assessed in October 2015. Each team documented their selected best practices and strategies to improve performance and calculated the contraceptive care performance measures at baseline and for each of the subsequent 8 months.

Evidence suggests that the PMLC model is an approach that can be used to improve the quality of contraceptive care offered to clients in some settings. Further replication of the PMLC among other groups and beyond the Title X network will help strengthen the current model through lessons learned.

Abstract Only

Authors: Ana Carolina Loyola Briceno, Jennifer Kawatu, Katie Saul, Katie DeAngelis, Brittni Frederiksen, Susan B. Moskosky, Lorrie Gavin, 2017 



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