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From Response to Resilience: Understanding Domestic Violence Survivors’ Needs and Strategies That Could Support Them

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Domestic violence (DV) is increasingly recognized as a social determinant of health that is intimately connected with other social issues, and DV survivors often have to navigate multiple services across different sectors in order to find safety and begin healing. Ending the intergenerational cycle of DV requires collaboration and a well-coordinated response across a wide network of sectors. There are many opportunities to respond to the needs of survivors and their families. This brief highlights findings from research with California DV survivors regarding systems changes necessary to better support survivors through their journeys – from early response to supporting recovery, and ultimately, building resilience. This brief also includes recommendations for policy, strategy, and practice opportunities that health care stakeholders—such as leaders, policymakers, and philanthropy—can consider as a way to strengthen provider responses to DV, lessen harm, enable safety, and strengthen families. This report was compiled by JSI in 2020.

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