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Family Planning Results by the Systems, Health and Resiliency Project (SHARP) in Yemen


With the social, economic, and security challenges facing mothers and women of reproductive age to access health facilities and receive health services in Yemen, JSI's System, Health and Resilience Project (SHARP) works to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH) by promoting community health and building the capacities of primary health care providers at the primary health care facility and community level. This includes highly-qualified community midwives (CMWs), trained and upskilled by SHARP, who provide RMNCH services to meet the needs of the community and link services provided in the community with the district health offices. The CMWs receive the community needs of the FP pills from the health offices and provide the suitable pills to mothers after counseling them and ensuring their general health. These community health services are complemented by awareness sessions about family planning, maternal and child health, and nutrition, through community reproductive health volunteers (CRHVs) working in the same areas as the midwives. The project has supported over 66,000 women in three governorates who have received important FP information to help them make better decisions. 

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