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Expanding Our Response: The NH Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and other Drugs Action Plan


The epidemic of opioid misuse and drug overdose in New Hampshire is a public health crisis devastating families and touching every community across the state. Since 2012, the number of drug overdose deaths has increased by 200%, claiming the lives of over 1,900 NH residents. The use of illicit opioids, fentanyl, in particular, accounts for the vast majority of drug overdoses and deaths caused by drug overdose. 

This plan aims to build on the significant efforts that have been made by the New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Alcohol and other Drugs to address the epidemic of substance misuse and addiction and to accelerate progress on prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery for individuals, families, and communities throughout New Hampshire.

The Commission, created by the New Hampshire Legislature in 2000 is legislatively mandated to reduce alcohol and drug problems and their behavioral, health and social consequences for the citizens of New Hampshire by advising the Governor and Legislature. The Commission is represented by members of the legislature, the public, designated organizations, and state government. 

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