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Evaluating the impact of social support services on tuberculosis treatment default in Ukraine


Ukraine is among the top 20 highest drug-resistant tuberculosis burden countries in the world.This evaluation measures the effect of social support provided to tuberculosis patients at risk of defaulting on treatment during outpatient treatment.Treatment success rates for the high-risk patients receiving social support were comparable to the low-risk cohorts and significantly improved over the high-risk comparison cohorts. Further research is recommended to quantify the costs and benefits for scaling-up social support services, evaluate social support program fidelity, identify which populations respond best to select services, and what barriers might still exist to achieve better adherence. With that information, tailoring programs to most effectively reach and serve clients in a patient-centered approach may reap substantial rewards for Ukraine.

Martha Priedeman Skiles, Siân L. Curtis, Gusatvo Angeles, Stephanie Mullen, Tatyana Senik, 2018 

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