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Engaging Young Men in Pregnancy Prevention: Making Referrals for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services 1-Day Training – Trainer’s Manual

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This training can serve as a tool to open the doors for or supplement larger efforts to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services for young men and better integrate them into pregnancy prevention activities. [This is a good opportunity to insert information about initiatives, campaigns, or other work happening in your local community with regard to addressing fatherhood and the sexual and reproductive health needs of young men]. It introduces training participants to concepts associated with young men’s beliefs about relationships, fatherhood, and contraception to motivate and improve their ability to refer and link young men to a full range of sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

Target Audience:
Youth-serving professionals, including, youth counselors, social workers, coaches, after-school and other enrichment programming staff, school counselors, probation officers, substance abuse counselors, child welfare administrators, and teachers, who provide services to adolescents and young adult males ages 15-24 years.

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