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Enablers and Challenges in the Implementation of Active Case Findings in a Selected District of Karnataka, South India: A Qualitative Study

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Active case finding (ACF) for tuberculosis (TB) is a promising tool to enhance early case detection among marginalized populations. As opposed to passive case finding, it involves systematically searching for TB in individuals who would not spontaneously present for care. The National TB Program (NTP) of India has initiated ACF for TB through the existing general health system since the end of 2017. However, prior to scale-up, there is a need for exploring the implementation challenges and solutions to improve the efficiency of this program. A qualitative descriptive study was conducted in the Bengaluru rural district during July 2018.

Authors: Amrita N. Shamanewadi, Poonam R. Naik, Pruthu Thekkur, Suwarna Madhukumar, Abhay Subhashrao Nirgude, M. B. Pavithra, Basavaraj Poojar, Vivek Sharma, Arnav Prashanth Urs, B. V. Nisarga, N. Shakila, Sharath Burugina Nagaraja

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