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Efforts to monitor global progress on individual and community demand for immunization: Development of definitions and indicators for the Global Vaccine Action Plan Strategic Objective 2

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The Second Strategic Objective of the Global Vaccine Action Plan says ‘‘individuals and communities understand the value of vaccines and demand immunization as both their right and responsibility.” This plan differs from the other five in that it does not focus on supply-side aspects of immunization programs but rather on public demand for vaccines and immunization services.

This commentary summarizes the work (literature review, consultations with experts, and with potential users) and findings of the UNICEF/World Health Organization Strategic Objective 2 informal Working Group on Vaccine Demand, which developed a definition for demand and indicators related to Strategic Objective 2. Demand for vaccines and vaccination is a complex concept that is not external to supply systems but rather encompasses the interaction between human behaviors and system structure and dynamics.
Authors: Benjamin Hickler; Noni MacDonald; Kamel Senouci; Holly Schuh.

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