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Effectiveness of Supervision on the Consistency of Neonatal Sepsis Management Skills of Health Extension Workers

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Ethiopia has implemented community-based neonatal sepsis management as one strategy to reduce its persistently high neonatal mortality rate since 2012. The key strategies to maintain the quality of community-based management of neonatal sepsis are training, supportive supervision, and woreda-level performance review. The objective of this study was to examine the effects of supervision visits provided to health posts on the consistency of neonatal sepsis management skills of health extension workers in Ethiopia.

This article provides an insight into the effects of project-implemented training of health extension workers and their management of neonatal sepsis in Ethiopia under the L10K initiative.

Authors: Gizachew Tadele Tiruneh, Ali Mehryar Karim, Bantalem Yeshanew Yihun, Bizuhan Gelaw Birhanu, Agazi Amaha, Bereket Mathiwos, Biruk Tensou Tessema, Abera Workneh Wanboru, and Wuleta Aklilu Betemariam

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