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Effect of community based health education on knowledge and attitude towards iron and folic acid supplementation among pregnant women in Kiambu County, Kenya: A quasi experimental study.


Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation (IFAS) services are currently provided free of charge to pregnant women in Keyna during their antenatal care, but compliance often remains low. Poor awareness is an important factor contributing to low utilization of IFAS, and inadequate counselling is another. Community based health education is a promising diversification strategy for IFAS health education to curb this problem. This study determined the effect of community based IFAS health education utilizing community health volunteers, on IFAS knowledge, levels of counselling on various IFAS topics and attitude towards IFAS among pregnant women in Kiambu County.

Authors: Mary Kamau, Waithira Mirie, Samuel Kimani, Isaac Mugoya

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