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e-Learning Curriculum on Routine Health Information Systems: Guide for Facilitators


This guide was developed to help facilitators navigate the online routine health information systems (RHIS) course, select classes that meet learners’ capacity-building needs, support learning using adult learning principles, and provide updates and modifications to class content, as needed.

This document provides an outline of the content of the online modules including learning objectives, quiz questions and answers, sample discussion questions that facilitators can use with learners, and definitions of key terms/concepts covered in the course, as well as an index of where those terms/concepts are covered in the modules.

Also included in the document are tips on facilitation to improve adult learner engagement and the transfer of learning to the workplace. The online curriculum may also be used for teaching university students. This guide does not cover the specifics of using online materials with traditional students. JSI/MEASURE Evaluation. 2020.

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