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DPCP Snapshot: Findings in Deciding Dose per Container


Providing vaccines in multidose presentations entails balancing trade-offs among timely coverage, wastage, safety, costs per dose, supply chain, and healthcare worker (HCW) behavior, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of lower versus higher dose per container (DPC).

Beginning in 2016, the Dose Per Container Partnership (DPCP) conducted a series of activities to document how governments make decisions about DPC for vaccines in their national programs and to document these DPC trade-offs at different levels of the health system—national, province, district, health facility, and community/outreach. The results of the research in eight countries are summarized in a series of case studies, or “snapshots,” that provide a broad picture of common elements, gaps in evidence, and examples of good practices that can inform future research and program guidance related to DPC. JSI. 2019.

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