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Developing a Trauma- and Resilience-Focused Accountable Community for Health: Considerations for a Comprehensive Approach

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This brief describes the ways in which trauma affects health, the potential of an ACH approach, and key considerations for the design and implementation of ACH-type initiatives focused on trauma and resilience. The brief is produced with generous support from Blue Shield of California Foundation, builds on JSI’s previous work on Accountable Communities for Health and social determinants of health.

The experience of trauma is one of the most crucial factors shaping health. The immediate impact of trauma is often acute physical harm; less noted, however, is that the resulting stress, particularly from repeated exposure to trauma, can negatively and severely impact mental and physical health across the lifespan. Addressing social determinants of health and exposures such as trauma has largely been considered the purview of policymakers and non-health sectors; however, a number of initiatives are emerging that focus on aligning strategies and resources to create the multi-sectoral and multi-strategy approaches necessary to address complex health issues. Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) are among the most ambitious of these new initiatives, with broad strategy portfolios, diverse partnerships, and aspirations of sustainability. The growing interest in and support for ACH initiatives across the country provides a unique opportunity to address trauma and promote resilience for individuals and communities. JSI, 2016.

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